Vista SKU features guide

Update: Since the release of Windows Vista, this information is now out-of-date. For the most accurate comparison, please visit the official Microsoft Windows Vista editions comparison page.

This information comes from the Windows Vista Product Guide, which is a summary of all the features found in Windows Vista.

Of course, Microsoft has already announced the many versions or SKUs, people began speculating what each version might contain and how will it be marketed. Now the speculation can end as the official feature-set for each version has been released.

Interesting points to note:

  • Dual core (and presumably multi-core) support can be found on all versions, including Home Basic. However, multi-CPUs is only limited to high-end versions.
  • An all-language (36 languages) user interface package is available on Enterprise and Ultimate editions.
  • Virtual PC Express is included on Enterprise and Ulimate. Sounds like a scaled-down version of the virtual machine application built into Windows.
  • Aero interface available on all version except Home Basic.
  • A set of new “premium” games is included in Home Premium and Ultimate packages.

The secret informations about Vista is slowly being released as there are just over 6 months until RTM.

One insightful thought

  1. Interesting, now Vista was released, and I found that Vista in eBay is much cheaper than Malaysia price, and I decide to make a bit too. But I notice the SKU code of both Ultimate Edition are different. US SKU is 66R-00002, while Malaysia and most Asian countries is 66R-00020, what is the different? Can I purchase the copy from US? Is it recommended? Hope can reply my question. thank you!

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