Video review of Toshiba Portege M400 Tablet PC

I have created a video review of the Toshiba Portege M400 Tablet PC. This is my first ever video production, so this is more of a learning experience than anything. Also, I was using an old webcam to record to video, so the quality is pretty poor.

Because I don’t have any experience with video editing, I did about 100 takes for this. To say the least, my throat got very soar and I drank about 10 litres of water during. The final take, which I’m still not perfectly happy with, but I guess it’ll have to do after 6 hours of repetitive talking.

Update: Yay. I’ve made it on Memeorandum

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  1. Great job, and thank you very much for taking the time to do an overview on the M400! Much appreciated.

  2. Great review – perhaps you may consider doing one showing actual use of the tablet functionality in some commonly used applications – would be really interesting to know whether you have used the tablet functionality for photoshop or Picassa – Am considering whether this tablet finally gives me the perfect (or near enough) companion to my photography hobby

    By the way – where in Melbourne did you buy the dual core – The shops that I know (very few) only carried the single core and how much did you pay for it

  3. I was planning on doing a demo video, but university work has kind of taken over. But it might still be a posibility.

    Photoshop isn’t the best example for tablet functionality, programs like Sketchbook Pro and Inkart really takes the cake in terms of tablet drawings. You won’t exactly have better looking pictures because you used Photoshop on a tablet, although your drawings might be better.

    I didn’t buy it from Melbourne. I got it from Tegatech in Sydney, they specially supply tablets. I’m sure they can do you a good deal.

  4. Hi, ive just purchased the M400, just wanted to ask regarding the graphics, on my laptop the quality seems a little crap for a 128mb shared graphics, i mean it is a bit blurry. However by adjusting the resolution to 1400×1024 it isnt blurry but the desktop is way to small at that resolution, could this be becuase i have 512mb ram. Please advise me on how i can improve the quality. E-mail me on [email protected]

  5. The video card memory (128mb) and your system memory (512mb) should not affect the quality of your display. It does however, affect performance such as in 3D games, which is unrelated to your ‘blurry’ problem.

    I can think of two problems that could be causing this.
    1. You are used to the high-resolution display. A high-resolution has the effects of making icons and other objects seem smaller, and therefore making them harder to see. Although the advantage of a higher resolution is the added room for more width and height. It is recommended you DO NOT adjust the resolution, leave it at the highest possible, since lowering the resolution may cause blurriness. You just need to get used to the high-resolution.

    2. Your display panel may be damaged. In this case, give Toshiba a call.

    I personally don’t find any problems with my display. I agree the icons and text are very small, however there is a lot more room for more pixels, which I think is a benefit.

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