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  1. well bill gates is one man bp is a whole company….the fact that one man is competing with a company is something to think about

  2. hmmm…

    profit has many definitions…

    net profit before tax (NPBT)
    net profit after tax (NPAT)

    Bill Gates still earns more because his earnings ($250 as u say) is after all the taxes.

    on the other hand… BP’s figures are net profit before tax

  3. These companies / people all produce a ‘product’. Now lets have a look at the
    finance industry, where money is the product.

    If the Rothschild family was in control of approx 50% of the world’s wealth by the mid 1800’s. What is their control today?

    Remembering the quote:
    I care not what puppet is placed upon the throne of England to rule the empire which the sun never sets. The man who controls Britain’s money supply controls the British Empire, and I control the British money supply. — Nathan Mayer Rothschild (1777 – 1836).

  4. just wonder those “profit” from BP will be devided to how many pieces (share holders) while most of the money profit from MS go straight to Bill

  5. Ok, so BP made $73billion, and Bill Gates made $9.46billion in a year. Here’s a question, how much money does BP DONATE a year, compared to Bill Gates? I think the answer is, BP=none, and Bill Gates=ALOT

  6. it’s pretty funny listening to your comments. first at all you are comparing just a man, bill gates, to something which is connected to something so big and powerful that you cant comprehend. snakey mentioned rothschild. well you said they had 50% of the world’s wealth in a certain period. so now, do you think this empire just stoped existing? well just to stop at BP. british petrolium is owned by 30 co companies which are connected and mostly owned by the rothschild clan. all the money in the world is owned by just a few people. the fed which consist of 12 banks is totally owned privetly. those 12 banks are own by people you’ve might heard before, the Rockefeller’ s, JP Morgan, Rothschild’s, Lazard Freres, Schoellkopf, Kuhn-Loeb

    in 1993 the capital owned by the rockefellers was estimated by 11 sextillion and for the rothschilds even over 100 sextillion.

    so talking about bill gates… there are men in the shadow of the economy which are not known as the richest men, but countries, goverments, worldpowers come to them to get money… they are not just rich men they are ruling the world… as A. Rothschild said, give me the power over all money, and i dont care if the goverment makes laws.

  7. Never compare bill gates with anybody in the history.He transformed the lives of people with his contribution to computer industry.And also he is the greatest donor of wealth to the society.

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