See the world from another perspective

This was a cool Toyota advertisement I captured on Australian TV. Apparently you can win a trip to space, even if the trip is still 3 years away. But besides that, there are a lot of cool hidden gems in this ad. They have distorted the shapes of many objects to form written word representations of the objects itself. There’s a whole bunch you can see.

I have found so far: spaceship, sun, stars, cloud, meteor, solar panels, satellite, city, lake, golf course, 747, park, sky scrapers, monorail and bird!

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  1. hello,

    i worked on the ad! i was one of the 3d artists that built a whole planet and a whole city! it was made in sydney at firehorse studio, and was a HUGE job.

    glad you like it. but there’s a *lot* more words in there – some of them are probably too hard to see unless you’ve got a high quality version. keep guessing!


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