TechEd Day 3

Photos from “Vista Nuggets” session.

For the CompletePC image backup demo, the presenter asked an attendee to break his hard drive. Which he did. Then in about 30 minutes, he restored his entire volume. This was made possible by the hybrid incremental/image backup solution in CompletePC. One first backup, it takes an image of your entire volume. Then at every update, it uses Volume Shadow Copy to create a record of all the updates to each block on the drive, not files. And because it tracks drive block changes, and not the file system, it is more comprehensive and much faster. He was able to make an incremental update in only second, and restore that system in under an hour.

There was also another speech recognition demo. It went flawless. The presenter had a USB microphone which he could mute, so that helped. I think he was also using a new build, with a new wallpaper it seems.

Of course no Microsoft party is complete without XBOX demo machines and novelty XBOX case mods.