See the difference? Clearly

This is the Microsoft Partners marketing video for Windows Vista. I had a look to see what all the fuss is about. Apparently Windows Vista is all about “see(ing) the difference”, and I definitely see it.

0:11 — Shiny. I get the whole Aero Glass thing, but this is just iCandy.
0:18 — Afro girl! Funky music begins.
0:20 — Superman!
0:25 — Revenues makes the chairs go spin-spin!
0:33 — You look left, you look right. Then BAM, the red guy comes out from the left and knocks you out.
0:37 — Doing the whole Matrix thing is cool, but doing it in an air-tunnel is not on.
0:43 — Everyone spin 270 degrees and walk like you knew where you were actually going.
0:52 — Crossing your arms makes all the virii and trojans go away.
0:56 — I hope someone catches the red guy. He’s awfully confident.
1:01 — Steal my laptop! Steal my laptop!
1:17 — Let’s collaborate on the smallest IKEA desk you can find.
1:27 — Must be some really groovy music to get that sort of reaction.
1:29 — I’ll change the channel, flick my hair AND rotate 360 degrees left. It’s that fun.
1:36 — Did I just see a hybrid of ballad and ice skating?

Looks like someone hired the wrong creative agency.

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  1. Good god, that was so corny. Reminds me of the Nintendo Wii publicity campaign, with overtly done actions and reactions. I love the system, and I am getting one, but come on! Maybe the same creative agency did this one too. Lol, great commentary. 😉

  2. I work for a partner and that was filmed in our office.. we’ve got all white walls and no windows, and we’re psyched about Vista, my chair won’t stop spinning.

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  4. wow it would be wicked if the first 15 seconds of that 3d vista logo was expanded to be the new vista boot screen animation that’d be sick!

  5. It’s creative, but it’s something Apple should have done. It just don’t fit Windows. But, we also have to remeber that the bussiness editions are being release next month, so that’s what MS is targetting first, though they should have labled it Windows Vista Bussiness Edition and left out the media stuff.

  6. Wow, Long … if you’re goal was making everyone die laughing, you truly accomplished that! [at least that happened to me] I just loved the ‘change channel, flick hair, rotate’ lol ! Loved it!

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