Microsoft officially announces Vista RC1 and retail pricing

Windows Vista logo
In the latest Microsoft press release, Microsoft has announced wider public participating in the Windows Vista beta testing program for Release Candidate 1 scheduled to be released this week. They also state Vista is on track for volume license release on November 2006 and general public release on January 2007.

But what is more exciting is that Microsoft has officially announced the retail price estimates for Windows Vista only a few days after the leak by Amazon.
Windows Vista pricing

Certified for Windows VistaThe software assurance logo program for Windows Vista has also been announced. Partners are encouraged to to enroll in the program to take advantage of Microsoft’s marketing opportunity for Vista-ready applications. This should greatly improve the quantity and quality of applications that will be optimized for Windows Vista when launched.

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  1. Hmmmm…your chart is deceiving. It makes it look like the full edition of Vista Ultimate is $650.

  2. your chart does look kind of wrong. On the chart, the full edition price looks like $650, when the full edition really cost $399

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