Microsoft Australia’s Ready Summit 06

Ready Summit 06

The readiness phenomenon has begun. Are you ready in Belgium? Are you ready in Las Vegas? Are you hugging sheep in New Zealand? And are you ready in Australia?

This is your chance to learn about Windows Vista, Office 2007 and Exchange Server 2007 all in a neat little 6 hour event. Presumably Vista would have RTMed by then, so this could also serve as the local launching event for the enterprise editions of Vista for businesses. Hopefully there’ll be something interesting in the keynote and sessions by then, but besides, it’s free so why not.

There’s an event running in every civilised state of Australia, excluding Darwin and Tasmania. Places are limited, so register soon.

I’ll be going to the Melbourne event on the 15th of November. The sessions I’m attending are in the order of: Keynote, Developer Vision, Office 2007 Development, Connecting Users with Data in new ways, Development with WSS 3.0, Windows Vista Desktop Lifecycle Management. Catch me if you can!

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  1. /me waits for some New Zealander to pipe up about the sheep…

    Oh wait! Thats me!

    We don’t hug no sheep you brown/yellow/green skined cocky/spock/yank/wog/wock!

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