James’ Vista screencasts: a life ambition

James Senior has taken the concept of “embrace and extend” and applied it to Windows Vista screencasts. His current life ambition is to beat me on Live Search for “Vista Screencasts”. So I thought I should help him along. He has done to-date 8 screencasts looking at various specialized features of Vista, much more in-depth than your average overview videos. And some of them are in the series called “3 Minute View on Vista”, which gives you all you need to know about a feature, in a feature-full 3 minute long presentation. They’re worth checking out, and so is James’ blog.

Handwriting recognition screencastWindows Meeting Space screencastDeployment screencastReadyDrive screencastSidebar & gadgets screencastReliability monitor screencastGuided Help screencastVista next generation applications screencast

Remember that cool health application from PDC a few years ago? Well, it’s back and James has it covered in the “next generation applications”.

Update: You can also win some funky looking Vista-themed lanyard to earn all sorts of brownie points around the office, school or home.

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  1. Hi Long,

    I tried to follow the Live Search link you mention above, but it didn’t work in Firefox 2.0.

    I deleted the “&src=IE-SearchBox” on the end, and it worked fine.

    You may want to change the link in your post 😉

  2. @Lachlan: Actually, I tried it in Firefox 2 and it works fine. But I’ve removed it anyway. Thanks 🙂

  3. I noticed James started adding WMV files. Now he just needs to learn how to tell Feedburner to make them into enclosures so my netcast receiver can go get them for me.
    Rock on.

  4. i saw the video about the next gen apps (doctor patient app), was that app real?, the apps for vista in 2008 are still using the old windows graphics and UI, most popular apps don’t even use Aero creatively or properly (and i just saw a page flip animation on the doctor patient app)

    and for the gadgets, most of the sidebar gadgets look dirty and dont incorporate much function

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