eGames expo – send in your tough questions

eGames opens tomorrow. Anyone got any questions for the Nintendo, Sony or Microsoft people? I’ve been a bit out of the loop on console games so I don’t know what are the hot rumors at the moment. If you would like to put forward some questions in the comments, I’d note them down and harass some of those representatives for you with my shiny press badge.

The only question on my mind is about the Halo 3 public multiplayer beta. When is it? And how do people join? And when is Halo Wars going to be released? Not that I have an XBOX360 to begin with.

Got anything else? Send them in!

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  1. Tough question #1: Does it hurt the Wii or its disc, to change its orientation during use? Because apparently doing so with the Xbox 360 causes severely scratched discs.

  2. PS3 will have BlueRay, X-Box will have HD-DVD. What are Wii use for this emergerging High-Def DVD Market?

    If you do get some Halo Beta invites though swing one my way.

  3. Ask them this (Long question Long):

    Why is it that the two most expensive consoles: the X-Box 360 & PS3 – are trying to shove HDTV as “the future of gaming” down buyers’ throats?

    Do game companies and developers ACTUALLY believe the majority of consumers truly care about OR can even play these systems on HDTVs???… *AND* …if the whole HDTV = next gen-gaming thing isn’t that realistic at this point in time for most players, are game companies cutting out visuals and features that COULD be included to show off these systems in order to lower production/development costs?

    And, if they are, explain to me how, beyond a slight graphical upgrade in some titles, these new systems offer anything new that couldn’t be done on an X-Box, Gamecube or PS2?

  4. Scott, i totally understand your point. But HDTV’s are dropping in prices and it looks at least that they are being sold, so the market is getting bigger every day. It is not shrinking. I think it it good that the platforms take advantage of this. I don’t have either console, or any console (ok an N64), but if i did i would definetly leave it at my GF’s house who has an HDTV.

    The point is, the future is High Def, like it or not, so take advantage of it and make the most out of it now so that the next generation will be that much better. You can still play them on your old 27″ SDTV, but who wants to? If your gonna drop 300-500 dollars on a console and 100-300 on a few games, i’m sure you have a HDTV to play it on, and if you don’t, then you are obviously some what of a techie, and will have one in a year or two.

    As for me, long live the PC Gaming World, that is when i buy my 32″ LCD monitor for the new rig i’m building.

  5. Chad, I realize HDTVs are the FUTURE…but what good does cheap technology in 3-5 years do for us now?

    The whining and moaning fanboys who debate 1080p vs. 1080i couldn’t afford a true 1080p display anyways and even the lowest end HDTV I can find that is a decent size for the money is AT LEAST $500 (& that’s at Walmart, a CRT and an off-brand).

    Just because people CAN spend $300 for a 360 or $500 for a PS3 doesn’t mean they WANT to spend an extra $500 for a whole new TV.

    My point is that the gaming industry jumped the gun one whole console generation by pushing HDTV capability/benefits and trying to justify the expensive system costs through that when, if you look at the big picture, only a small number of users actually benefit from all this “latest & greatest” tech.

    It bothers me and I want to know what developers really think of it. The console makers have really eliminated large chunks of gamers (especially casual ones) by demanding high prices for the systems and additional hardware (TV) for full value.


  6. Praveen:

    Ok, will the Wii involve anything better than the PS3 or xB360, apart from the remote moving thing, but the PS3 has something like that, well, for the PS3 isn’t looking very good (so far) It has hardware problems on other games for earlier games, like for the PS2, PS1.

    My question to Long/eGames is, ‘How does/would Sony think of “chipped” consoles to play pirated games, is/will this be impossibe to do?’
    Thanks in advanced!

  7. Bonus question for anyone:

    After the xmas dust settles, who will have the golden shelf space in the front of the EBGames/GameStop

    PS3, XBox360, Wii, PC, used Anime DVD’s?

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