Custom-built Vista launch PCs with backlit orbs

Microsoft’s Sean Alexander got the scoop on some select custom-built laptops by ASUS with a sleek backlit Vista orb on the casing. Apparently these were made for a select number of Microsoft partners (although more likely well-off executives) to demonstrate the advantages of Windows Vista, just in case they hadn’t seen enough marketing videos already.

It specs a widescreen (rare) Tablet PC packed with a Centrino Core 2 Duo and a bunch of extras running on Windows Vista Ultimate with Aero Glass. Sean adds, “it’s a nice example of what PC OEMs can do when motivated”. I guess the multi-billion dollar industry just doesn’t cut it anymore.

Pictures or it never happened right?

Microsoft gave out the wrong laptops to bloggers. Those executives better disclose where they got the laptops from. 😉

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  1. Is the Vista logo backlight controllable from software? If so, I’de love to turn it off… or maybe flash at 3Hz just to annoy everybody.

  2. if only i was an selected microsoft partner…

    this looks like the one used on digg nation @ macworld

  3. Yeah, Alex has been using his on diggnation. There’s a clip of him using it (funny clip too) while arguing with Kevin over iPhone look-a-likes:

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