Clearification concludes – Demetri (person)


Clearification, the comical viral video series featuring Demetri Martin at the Institute of Advanced Personhood sponsored by Windows Vista has come to a conclusion recently. Demetri, who originally entered the institute for a psychological condition called “Hyper-Achiever with No Direction and Tendency to Overcomplicate Situations Syndrome” (HAND TOSS) has been a test subject under the self-actualization treatment to become a person.

This is the last, and I think best video is the six-part series.

For the time and effort put in to creating such a project, I think Microsoft made the mistake of severely under-promoting it. However, they’ve tried to reclaim the losses by running a commercial on Comedy Central during Demetri’s Trendspotting tour. Whether or not this any had impact remains to be seen.

I really enjoyed the subtle humor and sarcastic overtone throughout the series, and I think this following scene from the last episode highlights why I enjoyed it.

This car is easy to steal when it’s on a very straight road.

Hats off to Demetri Martin, comical genius!

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  2. I was watching the Clearification videos before “Demetri Martin: Person” aired the first time on Comedy Central. During the show they heavily pushed the site. After the show, I visited it again, and it was bogged down with a message stating that traffic was unusually high. I suspect that may happen again tonight, since “Person” I believe is airing again tonight on Comedy Central.

  3. It was ok.

    I really like that screen they had in the last episode though.

    Hey Mike, way to be cool and watch the show before it was cool.

    I do that with bands all the time.

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