Tjeerd Hoek at SXSW 07

Tjeerd Hoek was at the South by Southwest Interactive Festival last week to join the panel in a discussion on “How to create a kickass in-house design team“.

You know your customers and your products inside and out. You do the web design, the print design, the marketing collateral, and the t-shirts. You have a zillion ideas for how to improve this and fix that. You are the in-house design team. This panel will cover the key ingredients for success, measuring success and value, strategies for elevating design thinking, and dealing with challenges unique to in-house teams.

This is a barely 1:35min video clip posted on the SXSW website, but features Tjeerd talking most of the time about “How do we make design teams kickass? How do we measure that success?”. A full-length recording of the 1-hour-long panel should be posted on the podcasts page over the next few weeks.

I could so spin-off a Tjeerd fansite.

Update: I found some great blogs who covered this panel discussion. Here’s a few of the best.

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