Win a copy of Lego Star Wars 2 (PC)

Lego Star Wars 2Back in January at CES, I got a copy of Lego Star Wars 2 inside the Vista press kit provided by Microsoft. I’ve played it and even if you have no interest for Star Wars or Legos, this is an extremely fun game – perfect to entertain children with. It also sets new benchmarks for co-op gameplay, something that I’ve missed in games for a long time.

Since I no longer need this, and instead of selling freebies (shame), I thought it would be good idea to share something I got for free and enjoyed for someone else to enjoy too.

The winner will receive one used copy of Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy PC-CD still with that fresh plastic scent on the inside. Can’t say much about the outside except I’ve touched it many times with fingers of varying quantities of oil. The disc is in very good condition with only slight wear and tear. This game needs no CD-key so can be easily transferred, but does use SecuROM anti-copying technology developed by Satan himself.

MIX07To win, write an essay (at least 600 words) about how cool Long is and how he will one day be rich and famous. Just kidding. Simply write a comment (with your email) speculating what Microsoft will announce at MIX07 in 2 weeks. Employees of Microsoft are advised to enter.

A winner will be drawn at random sometime this week. Postage paid, will post internationally. Contest open to all ages above pi. This contest does not discriminate and invites all Canadian users to participate too, however no Chinese spam entries please. Communism and freebies do not mix.

Update: Whoops. Forgot to select a winner last week. Better late than never. With the help of Josh Phillips, the winner randomly selected is Daniel. If you didn’t win, crying is recommended.

48 insightful thoughts

  1. I dont need this game, but i’d like to say (thumbsup) Long for such a great Blog!

    Henry, Sydney.

  2. @Long, nah no reverse. Though i am still waiting for you to let me use your blog design! =P hehe nah ive got no time for a blog (yet) 🙂

  3. I am hoping they announce a cross-platform local data persistence layer to compliment WPF/E (aka Silverlight). Something akin to MSDE.

    I know this is a long shot, but with all the secrecy it had better be something that makes us say, “Wow!”

  4. Thurrott is incredibe egomaniac. His own head as rating? his name in site header? his face everywhere? come on

  5. MS will announce yet another change to the naming conventions of the Windows Live range of products where they will add the “Super” prefix and “Plus” suffix to each name.

    eg. Super Windows Live Hotmail Plus

  6. My email is orion.public(at)live(dot)com. I think Microsoft Will release Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 Alpha (or beta)

  7. I was going to say the same thing that Will said. A Windows Live renaming is always a good thing, and since it is usually done very quarter, they are overdue.

    In all seriousness, I can see Expression and Silverlight products to be features prominently to hedge the groundswell around the Adobe Apollo announcement.

    Either that, or Scoble is coming back to MS to work.

  8. I’m thinking Microsoft will announce their upcoming adoption of the GPL over their current EULAs (and the drastic price reduction that entails). Gawrsh, that would be nice.

  9. I am expecting Microsoft to release something that will pull the pants down of Adobe and bring lots of shame along with it :).

  10. They will show us IE8, their Photshop killer, and Live for Windows (Both Vista and XP). Hense that is why they gave you the Star Wars II to play on Live against the XBOX users

  11. I expect a release of Microsoft Longhorn….which is actually a new breed of Texas cattle. If I win, I’ll be happy, so there’s that.

  12. I suspect Microsoft will release something innovative, Apple fanboys will then decry it as a slightly improved copy of some Apple feature, and Linux people will whine that they’ve been developing the feature all along but just haven’t had the chance to polish it.

  13. I suspect Microsoft will be announcing their plans for world domination! Or maybe they will purchase a country… One where they can’t get sued for anti-trust violations. Nah, all in jest, I actually really love Microsoft.

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  15. Well I hope a competitor to Apollo will be revealed there, and maybe more showcases of cool WPF apps and info about WPF/.NET future versions.

    Adobe needs a real competitor, otherwise they will get stuck with their monopoly.

  16. I hope they announce the Expression tools
    mix is a web tech show, so Expression would be a good guess

  17. I think they will announce the new version of Zune, at least the updated one. Also Longhorn server and I hope they’ll announce beta(at least a preview) of Vienna.

  18. Microsoft will announce that Silverlight now supports coding in .NET languages as opposed to just javascript! 🙂 Also I speculate they will show us early work on the next version of IE. Aside from those points I’m HOPING they will clarify their standings on the “(Windows?) Live” situation (which is what it has turned into!).

  19. As your trackback links show here, you already are being linked by Lego Forums. Expect lots of spam here…
    I’m not a star wars fan, but if you say it’s fun anyway, ok, enter me:
    zim at irken dot com dot ar
    It would be funny if they announce their ZunePhone or something similar. Probably they will say IE7 is better than ever, and “compatibility problems had been solved, including horrible-gray-PNGs”.

  20. Microsoft will announce that Games for Windows – LIVE will also extend to Windows Mobile platforms, with games like Tic-Tac-Toe and Minesweeper Flags available for cross platform play by the end of the year.

  21. IE8 done completely in WPF.

    ‘Nuff said.

    c u m b i a g e r m e n [at] yahoo (dot) com

  22. There is one aspect of Silverlight they said they are waiting for Mix to actually reveal. So with that they might release the RTM of Silverlight.

  23. Cool blog by the way Long! Keep up the great work.

    In terms of what will be announced at MIZ07 is a software program to experience media that will somehow amazing integrate every single piece of software they could possibly imagine like Windows Live Messenger, Microsoft Office and Solitaire. But then thinking again, isn’t that Windows Vista?

  24. Microsoft will show us a pre-alpha version of Windows 7 with all kinds of cool features and cool UI effects witch all will be cancelled or stripped down in the final release. 😉

  25. They’ll announce that Windows longhorn is being delayed, Windows Vista SP1 is delayed, Windows 7 is delayed, Next version of Zune is delayed…..

    Everything at Microsoft is delayed as usual

  26. Microsoft will announce that they are working on Windows Vision – their next OS.
    Long: I dare you to ship the prize to Portugal!
    Take care.

  27. i think they will release an internet platform for the zune (multimedia-centered), and give developers the chance to develop zune-friendly sites. it would be great to see something like youtube or soapbox on a zune, and it might even involve a mobile version of Silverlight. they might unveil this along with the zune 2.0, or just as an update to the current model.

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