Conan O’Brien at Intel HQ (video)

A few Thursdays ago, Conan O’Brien visited the Intel headquarters in Santa Clara to thank them for sponsoring his tour in San Francisco. The skit he filmed there finally aired on the show last night. It’s pretty funny. I’m surprised Intel still uses cubicles as opposed to contemporary office rooms, but hey, if they can design great chips like the Core 2 in an environment like that, it must still work. (Via Digg)

Update: Original YouTube video removed, another mirrored at Clipstr. Thanks Jovian.

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  2. I’d rather have a cubicle over an open plan office. How would you pick your nose or readjust your underwear? You’d have to go the bathroom all the time.

  3. Thing is, those guys in the cubes seemed like marketing types, wouldn’t the devvies have their own offices like at Microsoft? (since MS also sometimes shoves non-devs into cube-farms)

  4. At Big Blue, everyone except the big wigs , is in cubes. Sucks.
    No room, no privacy, you can’t even get upset at your kids on the phone, much less bargain with a suppliers….
    Bad idea, cubes…….

  5. the cubes suck, all that brown faceless communist era office furniture, boses peeping over the wall at you,could be worse might have to work in the fab.

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