World In Conflict: why I still play games

World In ConflictWhat if the Cold War never ended, asks Massive Entertainment. A smartass might respond with “what a stupid question, of course it ended.”, but that would have destroyed the whole premise of making a kickass and thrilling massively multiplayer online real-time strategy (MMORTS) game.

There are games where you have to watch the high definition trailer to appreciate, and there’s the game where you know it’s a winner just by reading the back-story. You drive cars (and motorbikes), “Project Gotham Racing 4“, is the former. The war comes home, “World In Conflict“, is the latter.

World In Conflict

Yes that’s right, I’m actually showing off most of my units being obliterated by a nuclear bomb, I’m that proud. No one said a compelling story can’t look good either. I’m running the game on medium graphics setting for smoother gameplay and it is still absolutely gorgeous to look at, can’t imagine what “Very High” and a DirectX 10 graphics card could do.

For those of you frightened by the complexities and technology trees in most strategy games, this is not a complicated game. In fact, I jumped straight into an online match to come first (score) in a match without playing the tutorial, which unfortunately crashed on me. The camera controls are uniquely intuitive, which feels very much like a first-person shooter. Buttons and tooltips flash giving you awareness of things that are happening or should happen so it’s no problems jumping straight into.

But back to what makes this game ‘tick’, the story, is one of those war-fiction scenarios you’d pray would never actually happen, but can’t help fantasize what would be like. “World In Conflict” is all about making war feel surreal, a tank battle on a farm, an infantry ambush in the city and the most popular of all, nuclear bombs, anywhere actually. Hey, this is why we play games and not the real thing right? Let’s hope what happens on my screen in the screen forever.

If you like online games, if you like co-operative games, if you like team-based games, if you like real-time strategy, if you like Battlefield 2, or if you just simply happens to like PC games, then I strongly urge you to check out World In Conflict. Sign up for your free open beta registration key at the official website, download the client and get ready to go to war. PC release in September 07. Also coming to XBOX 360.

World In Conflict

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  1. Yes, it seems to be a very nice game, but I don’t really like all the war games now. It’s all the same and so boring if one could only “kill” people. Therefore I’m waiting for Mass Effect and propably will buy my first console just to play that game.

    P. S.: Where did these AERO glass window frames come from? Photoshop? πŸ˜‰

  2. Long, sometimes your reviews read like ad copy. I don’t know if it’s you’re just trying to sound professional instead of conversational, but that’s how it can come off. In any event, I’ve been planning to try out some demos in the near future, and I might give this one a try.

  3. @Tino:
    Playing the game in windowed mode I assume

    That game looks awesome, I’m downloading the demo now from FilePlanet… Maybe you’ll be one of the lucky ones I nuke.

  4. @RC: I’m trying to sound conversational, but I guess a lot of ads sound ‘conversational’ these days so that’s probably why.

    @tino: I play all my games in windowed mode. This game disables caption buttons.

  5. I see this game is published by Sierra. As far as I’m concerned, the last really good game to come out of Sierra is King’s Quest 6, so I’ll probably not play this (never liked RTS games). πŸ˜›

  6. Now I have computer to test this things, I WILL TRY IT! πŸ˜€
    See you in! (thanks for the links)

  7. Update: I Had played it, and it is GREAT.
    I’m writing a little review at my blog now πŸ™‚
    Thank you, again!

  8. Man the screen shoot looks amazing! It’s snowstorm day here, you know what.. i’m going out to the video club to rent that game lol. If i never come back, at least, i’ll have tried πŸ˜›

  9. There are a few things this game looks to have as far as RTS goes: Graphics, Story(ish), and the unique feeling that should come in an RTS game.

    I don’t know much about the game, just saw the photo and decided to say something. But I have played some RTS games, mainly C&C and some AoE. This looks worthy for the DirectX considering more games will be coming out for that. As for the story so far, I’ve been wanting a game with international conflict to actually come about. A form of World Domination in today’s graphics and designs would be most outstanding. C&C’s Generals wasn’t all that international, no nukes were sent across the seas or dropped from planes and what not. I wouldn’t prefer games to be EXACT in reality, nor too far fetched.

    A RTS of WWII would also be nice, creating thousands to millions of soldiers to raid cities, creat “no man’s lands” and all that JAZZ. Red Alert was awesome, but needs to be updated to today’s graphics for the sake of enjoyment.

  10. Siemka, jestem Polakiem (I’m a polish). Zastanawiam sie nad kupnem, tej gry,czy warto? (I thinking about buy this game. Buy or don’t buy?)

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