Microsoft presents Direct3D 10.1 at SIGGRAPH

SIGGRAPH 2007At the annual SIGGRAPH (Special Interest Group for Computer GRAPHics) conference – more exciting than it sounds, Microsoft presented a lecture on the new Direct3D graphics platform and even newer Direct3D 10.1 framework. The whole course has been subsequently published to Microsoft Downloads. Here is their Powerpoint presentation for a quick summary.

DirectX 10Direct3D 10.1 looks to be quite a significant release for DirectX. Some of the interesting points to note:

  • Will require Windows Vista SP1
  • Not “supported” by current-generation DX10 hardware
  • “Extension” to Direct3D 10 – “complete” D3D10
  • 5 new API
  • Improves rendering quality
    • Enforces floating point 32 rendering
    • Enforces 4x multi-sample anti-aliasing (MSAA)

For argument’s sake, Direct3D 10.1 didn’t come out of the blue. Microsoft had always planned for a 10.1 update when they released version 10. However that is no excuse as to why is it not compatible with DX10 hardware? People who have to dish out hundreds of premium dollars to buy DirectX-10 hardware today will be outdated in less than 6 months.

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  1. Good thing I got a cheap dx10 card. Could always upgrade if really need it. As far as outdated, I doubt that. There wont be that many dx10 games on the market when 10.1 hits the road. Besides, theres always OpenGL which can deliver great graphics as well… just look at the new id software engine.

  2. I think you’re wrong about being outdated in 6 months because it’s been more than 6 months from Vista release with DX10 and still no game support it. just “coming soon” titles with DX10 semi-compatiblity.

    The adoption of DX10 took so long even it comes whith awhole new OS. so what about an “Update” that comes 6 months after the still-to-be adopted DX10!

    In my point of view. we will not see a DX10.1 title before late 2008!!

  3. This whole incompatibility thing is so sad…

    So I guess my DX10.1 card won’t be compatible with DX10.2 right?

  4. this not right for the consumer
    this should be pushed back or nvidia needs to lower prices on there high end cards if there going to release them in november

  5. Guruboy is LOL @ all of you ,you will all be broke before your happy. Guruboy knows all , so much so ,Guruboy can’t speak his mind , he’s allways getting shutdown!! Big spenders are now Big losers

  6. Where in the Power Point presentation did it say that current gen DX10 cards won’t support it? It just said that upcoming hardware will.

  7. LOL….Why dont you understand!!!!
    The graphics cards designed by NVIDIA on DX 8 supported DX 9 and its the same case. The graphics cards that are designed for DX10 will deffinately support DX 10.1…. If you want the best then you will have to invest… what ya say!!!!!!

  8. Hi; sorry off topic but noticed soemething – I have flashpaper – but i cant get it to work on Vista…(32bit, Ultimate).. the best i can manage is that, when proccessing a file; it flips into a secure mode window and then refuses to revert.. Do you have a solution? I can only imagine you use Vista!? Its a fantastic site; so well designed and presented brilliantly – keep it up

  9. I call shenanigans..

    There were several “point releases” for DX9 and nobody ever had to update their hardware..

  10. Also did anybody actually read the presentation?

    There is absolutely nothing about DX10 hardware not supporting DX10.1

  11. @Arsenic0: “Supported on upcoming hardware and in Windows Vista SP1”. Doesn’t say “supported on current hardware”.

  12. Direct3D 10.1 looks to be quite a significant release for DirectX. Some of the interesting points to note:

    Will require Windows Vista SP1
    Not “supported” by current-generation DX10 hardware

    it says it right there in the “interesting points”

  13. Ok are you guys totally dumb?

    The thing says that it will be supported on upcoming hardwar…end of……means that your new 8800’s (like i have got) will NOT support it…nvidia may be able to patch it but it wont be native support.

    if you want the best…then you gotta spend the cash.

  14. and then what?
    we spend our money to buy a 8800 and less than a year we should spend more?
    and we talking about 300 Euro (360$) … i think microsoft laughing with us…
    i think in a while the vista will be update to rvista (real vista ) and the E6750 will be look like a pII 900mhz and then new cpu with new motherboard etc.
    if Bill Gates think that i have money machine he is wrong…
    now i understand why linux does not (fully) suport from int0l,at0,xfc,avga, etc

  15. To all us loving computer gamers. This is a ploy by Bill Gates to kill the computer gaming industry. Changing the dx every 6 months and changing the OS every 4yrs. will cause a wake in the computer gaming software industry. What will we do Oh Magi???? Just what he wants us to do. Buy his XBox 360. These games are just about impossible for the normal average Joe to pirate and/or share. More money for Bill! I will stay true to my computer. Maybe justmaybe the dust will settle and computer gaming will win over this adversity. Of course my glass is always half empty….

  16. wtf magi?
    bill gates is trying to kill the gaming industry?
    thats why He brought out the xbox… to stop ppl playing games right?
    and thats what halo was for? the biggest selling game, urm, ever….
    [not a fan of halo tbh]

    and as for the updates… I agree about the operating system to a certain point… I still feel Vista could of just been an XP update/service-pack… but to be honest, most machines on xp are not strong enough to cope with vista…
    and as for the dx updates… its this simple, software evolves faster than technology… they found a better way for directX to work, but maybe one tiny little diode is different on the card for it to work, so new cards must be made… your talking about Bill killing the game industry, but in fact, his lads at micro are advancing it further and further everyday.

    your talking about copying games/movies…. are you aware it is illegal and costs the companies that make said movie/game billions each year?
    doesnt stop me like. Plus, there will always be someone smart enough to find a way!

    final point… dx 10.1 games wont be out for like, at least a year, so you have plenty of time to save your pocket money. Plus u also get a years use out of your dx10 cards… so wtf?! stop complaining!?!?!

  17. Why on earth are they going to introduce DX 10.1 when games don’t fully utilize DX 10! I just bough a new laptop from dell just for the DX 10 support.
    Vista Home Premium, Intel Core 2 Duo 1.5 Ghz, 4GB Ram and 8600M GT cost? $2500 AUD!!!
    Why is my computer going to be outdated in 6 months time from purchase? But honestly here in 6 months time games will still be running DX 9!!!

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