23 insightful thoughts

  1. That is pretty neat. Sony Bravia ads are pretty neat in general. Although I wish Sony would do the same with their VAIO laptops, they’re something worth bragging about.

    Does anybody know the tune that plays in the video? I really want to know.

  2. LOL the only thing I was able to think of while watching this nice ad was Apple’s first color iMac lineup which used the same Rolling Stones tune.

  3. Yeah that Ad brings back the memories from Apple’s colour iMacs Ad (where they’re spinning around with a white background).
    The ending was quite unexpected actually. Go Sony!

  4. I’m wondering what the song in the preview video is (not the Rolling Stones song in the full video).

    It sounds like a cover of a Sigur Ros song done without guitars in a more Mum style.

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