IE8 & Acid2: Yr doin it wrong


At the time of writing, the ACID2 test has completely collapsed under the weight of IE8 beta users. Couldn’t confirm this but I don’t see why it would be faked. Guess something happened between then and now.

Special thanks to Jay C. for sending this in. 

Update: Tony Chor from the IE team has explained that it’s caused by cross-domain links which are not supported by IE8 Beta 1 for the moment. If you visit the original Acid2 test on IE8 Beta 1, it works fine.

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  1. Acid2 passes with flying colors in IE8 on Vista, so maybe a bug with the XP version?

  2. renders fine here too…….

    upon refresh, it does at first appear like the image you posted, but if you wait for the page to complete loading, it will appear 100% fine.

  3. It fails the ACID2 test here, it also horribly fails the new ACID3 test – with a score 17/100.

  4. Hello,

    Here’s the explination from the IE team on their blog website:

    “You can try the Acid2 test here (although their site seems to be down right now.) The test doesn’t work from the other domains you listed because the call for the eyes is cross domain; IE8 currently doesn’t trust that cross domain call. We’re working through whether we can change that for beta 2 safely”

  5. Don’t use IE8 Beta 1 in Vista when you have chosen 120 dpi for the system. Will make Windows Sidebar unusable (!), most websites ugly and even the Acid 2 test does not work. Although Beta 1 is very unstable for me, it has really great new features to explore. 🙂

  6. I’m sorry if this is unrealted to the acid2 test, but what I want to know is, will IE8 fix the rendering problems in MS outlook 2007??

  7. @George

    No, Outlook 2007 uses Word’s (very incomplete) rendering engine for security reasons.

  8. As the IE team stated on their blog, IE8 will break many existing Web pages. This behavior is by design.

    You can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs…

  9. Fails, but better than IE7 at least. Long: Nice job on the new layout! Especially like the PNG menu frames on the left side.

  10. It passed acid2 test on my xp machine, why are some peop;le reporting otherwise?
    it is more stable than i imagined.

  11. @ tino, thanks! this saves me some time!

    I’ve got a little question and a little offtopic. IE8 highlights the main domain by default. Is there a FireFox plugin which does the same? Thanks ^^

  12. Alex, you’re running it in Ie7 compliant mode! No wonder is fails!
    Untick the “7” button in the toolbar, reset IE 8 and try again :-p

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