FCC approves Microsoft’s unreleased 120GB Zune

Ever since Samsung had announced their new 120GB 1.8-inch hard drive in April 2007, Zune fansites has been buzzing with anticipation of a new Zune fitted with the higher capacity drives. Now the wait is nearly over as the FCC publishes a test report (and I assume approves) of the new 120GB Zunes.

The 120GB Zune pictured above looks identical to the 80GB Zune and that’s expected since the hard drive is of identical size too. The firmware used is nothing special too – version 2.5 (1614).

Even though I’m nowhere close to filling my 80GB Zune and can’t imagine ever filling it up, there’s a lot of audiophiles out there and this new capacity Zune fills a small gap in the marketplace left by Apple with their 80GB and 160GB iPod Classic with a cost difference of $100. Since the current 80GB Zune retails for the same as the 80GB iPod Classic ($249), it’s probably fair to guess the new 120GB Zune will retail for $299.

Oh and in case you were wondering about the radiation emissions test results, the Zune passed with flying colors so it won’t fry your body parts. Good to know.

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  1. I wonder if the software is getting something special too; the Zune’s hardware being special is mainly the fact it has WiFi. I think the main strength is the software, and I suggested a bunch of features a month or two back on my blog.

  2. it isn’t entirely identical to the current Zune 80, this one is a glossy black vs current matte black

  3. So I guess there’s no major hardware refresh this year? Phooey. I want my touchscreen-widescreen Zune32!

  4. That’s not Identical. Black zunes don’t have a glossy finish. That was clearly glossy and was covered in fingerprints. It is almost like an Ipod. How can anyone like those awkward looking fingerprint covered ugly duckling ipods.

  5. I kinda like the glossy finish, and i think they should upgrade the screen res!
    anyways, everyone seem to have forgotten aboutn xna and zune games,
    and i think that is gonna be the big software update they do every year on Q4.

  6. I think the flossy finish a lot of you are seeing is just the flash from the camera, it still ooks matte to me.

    Either way, I have a hard enough time using 120GB on my computer, let alone on my MP3 player.

  7. Ahh, just what I’ve been waiting for! I have about 100GB+ of music so I’m always juggling music around on my current 80GB number and that doesn’t leave any room for video or more than a few audiobooks at a time.

    Sad thing is that isn’t even half of my music collection. Before I started buying digital music only I was up to something like 400+ CD’s, a good portion are sitting in CaseLogic cases waiting for some rainy night for me to start ripping them again.

  8. i swear, microsoft is making a mistake holding back on the overseas market. what the hell are they playing at?
    they’re missing out on a lot of publicity and buys
    i know many people in australia just like me, who are dying to buy one
    i’m planning on getting one even if they’re not sold in aus

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