Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2 first-aid kit


I wonder if world-first Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2 unboxer Roland Wacker got one of these too. Earlier this week I received this particular “Precautionary End-User Irresponsible Internet Slicing Emergency Accident Kit” packed with more band-aids than I’ve ever used in my entire life. Why? Because slicing the web without Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2‘s WebSlices is rather dangerous. Another genius idea by Wexley School for Girls.





7 insightful thoughts

  1. Absolutely brilliant! Was this something recieved at TechEd, or just arrived in the mail?
    Either way, it’s great to see that Microsoft yet again delivers. Let’s hope that they continue this way.

  2. Yep – would also love having such funny stuff. – why never the “normal” Betatester get´s such crazy things ?

  3. Wherever we are, there will be always an emergency happen, and we dont know when will it happen. And being prepared and have the things or having emergency kit that we possible need whatever type of emergency will happen, is a clever thing that we do.

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