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  1. Can’t wait for some awesome coverage tomorrow. Any Windows 7-specific events planned for tomorrow?

  2. I guess it’s featuring Virtualization they’re talking about. if you’d notice, the Start menu isn’t flushed at the bottom. But it’s a funny pic.

  3. They wouldn’t have made this mistake if they had only read my new book, “The Hazards of Using Stock Photography: When Long Zheng Strikes”!


  4. maybe there not posting the official pictures of Windows 7, for press purposes and dont want to leak anything out for tomorrows major announcements? thats my view on it. and even if that was the reason, i dont get why they wouldnt put vista. xp is the best-selling version of windows so maybe thats it.

  5. Microsoft use a catalogue of press and marketing images that are available on their intranet. I am almost certain that you will probably find this same picture in other Microsoft marketing materials if you looked hard enough. That’s no excuse for the oversight though. File it in the ‘gaffe’ folder.

  6. So Microsoft is alternating between dense, almost incomprehensible technobabble for developers (Azure) and stock photos of smiling faces for consumers (Windows 7).

    Good job, Microsoft! But I like the plans and new .NET logo:)

  7. That’s why Microsoft should stop dropping stupid stock photos in almost everything they do. Still photos of smiling people, no matter how ugly or handsome, don’t mean a thing to most people. Best to just go simple, and drop a nice big logo, snazzy snapshots or thumbnail of a screenshot, and put a nice color scheme on the poster/page. You could only make less mistakes.

  8. Me thinks Devmonster is right; it looks like a shot of XP running in some sort of virtualization mode within 7.

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