Win a free Windows 7 shirt (Australian residents only)

windows7shirtIf the Zune guy has taught us anything it’s that you should never mutilate your skin to show your love for a product, which is why a shirt is exponentially better. Thanks to Microsoft Australia, I was recently offered forty (40) of these limited-edition Windows 7 shirts, but since one can only wear so many at a time, I’m passing the freebies onto (some of) you, the wider Australian enthusiast community.

Sorry, Australian residents only. Usually I don’t limit my giveaways to geographical barriers but because Microsoft Australia is helping me with the logistics (and I thank them for it), this is a necessary limitation.

To enter, first sign up for a Twitter account if you don’t already have one. Then tweet what you like most about Windows 7 with the hash tag #win7shirtau. For example, “Problem steps recorder in Windows 7 rocks #win7shirtau”. Finally befriend me, “longzheng“, on Twitter so I can direct message you if you win. I promise I won’t spam you Viagra (unless the economy gets really tough).

To keep the competition fair, winners will be still chosen at random and multiple submissions by one user is counted only once, but creativity is encouraged. Competition closes on Friday, 13th of February 2009 and winners will be notified on Twitter via direct messages (also email notifications by default). Anyone found using multiple Twitter accounts or not in Australia will automatically be disqualified.

Besides the obvious fact it is “new and shiny”, Windows 7 comes with a lot of cool new features and improvements so I’m sure you’d have no problems thinking of one, if you have tried it that is. If you haven’t, it’s not too late either. You have until February 10 to register for the free public beta and February 12 to download it. Head over to the TechNet Australia’s Windows 7 Beta site for more information.

I have noticed these shirts have four holes on them, but I’ve been assured by the manufacturer it is by design. πŸ˜›

Update: The winners have been selected and notified. If you didn’t win one, consider printing your own.

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  1. Originally the idea was for everyone to each post a new Windows 7 security flaw to win a shirt, but there were only 40 shirts available…

  2. even if you were giving a free copy of windows 7 and i lived in australia, i wouldn’t sign up for a twitter account. that’s worse than the residency requirement.

  3. I’m in agreement with gary on the twitter thing. That service is overrated beyond epic proportions.

    I am however gutted that I can’t participate to win one of these awesome t-shirts! Keep up the good work Long! And when you’re next in contact with Microsoft Australia, tell them to give their UK pals a nudge to get some t-shirts distributed over here πŸ™‚

  4. I’ve just checked my entire wardrobe and *all* of my tee shirts have four holes in them. One for my head, one for my body and one for each arm

  5. NO FAIR!!!

    Is it really that hard to ship it to the US? What if the winner could pick up the shipping? Could we go global in that case?

    Please! US has the biggest Windows 7 Fans EVER!

  6. I’m following you. Aside from stalking you, I’m ‘following’ you on Twitter. Is that counted as befriending?(New to Twitter… you may have guessed).

  7. @Kevin: As much as I would like to enter too, I’ll point out that Microsoft (and other companies) do a huge amount of United States only contests, and that far from being unfair, this is sparta.

  8. @Luna: “Sorry, Australian residents only. Usually I don’t limit my giveaways to geographical barriers but because Microsoft Australia is helping me with the logistics (and I thank them for it), this is a necessary limitation.”


  9. Long
    I have a big problem with “Twitter”….. it wants my email password, now I don’t know about you but ever since I started with computers and the internet (I now 53 ) I have told my kids not to give out personal details !
    Lo and behold Twitter wants to know my email password …. NO WAY JOSE !!!
    I am now a bit miffed as I would really love one of those Tshirts
    What do you suggest ? I will gladly supply you with my email address but I WON”T supply anyone any of my passwords as this is TOTALLY bad security.
    I live in Melbourne by way.

  10. @Neil: Umm.. it wants *a* password… to my recollection, it doesn’t integrate with your email accounts in any way at all therefore it wouldn’t want your password.

  11. Well I tried I got passed it but …. I don’t call myself caveman for nothing, I just don’t understand it (at all unfortuantely for me).
    Although ….. Windows 7 Beta I understand no worries at all, it is as easy as Windows Xp and in a lot of cases even easier ,,,,,, I like it very much !
    And would really “love” a T-Shirt, and that is the ONLY reason that I have tried so much on twitter.

  12. If I were able to participate I would scorn you for running this contest through twitter and not your own website. I hate twitter.

  13. Because I find it pathetic to wear a tshirt like that. IMO. Not need to react like that.

  14. Cheers mate.

    Initially retaliated because, well, if you don’t like the t-shirt, that’s up to you but there’s no need to call anyone else’s choice lame.

  15. I wear the shirt I won with pride, zipota.
    And why the hell would you say something like: “Not need to react like that.” when he reacted in the exact same manner as you did.
    Don’t apologise Matt, your response was perfectly acceptable considering.

    Don’t come and troll on here zipota, if you hate Windows – go read engadget.

  16. And, btw, I wore it to school. Yes, a public high school – and there were barely any negative comments, most of them were positive. It’s apparently kinda cool to be nerdy atm. People like me for it anyway.

  17. Microsoft is missing a bet by not distributing thousands of Windows 7 T-Shirts, hats, pens,,,etc BEFORE the launch,,,cheapest and best publicity,,I still have my Windows Vista T-Shirt from the Detroit launch

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