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In my recent travels to Microsoft Australia in Sydney, I’ve recently inherited a small fortune of Windows 7 Beta (32-bit) DVDs. After many failed attempts of building a “house of cards” out of fifteen of these DVDs, I’ve come to realize that this is simply too many Windows 7 Beta DVDs for one person.

Now that the public Windows 7 Beta download from Microsoft now officially closed, these DVDs are a great way to try out Windows 7 Beta if you haven’t already without resorting to filesharing websites or a friend of a friend’s uncle who works at Microsoft. On the other hand if you already have Windows 7, these also serve as great coffee mug coasters and ninja throwing projectiles.

If you would like the chance to win one of these DVDs mailed to you (international readers welcome), please send an email to [email protected]. The email can be blank, contain a quote from Einstein or a picture of your cat – it doesn’t matter. Fifteen (15) winners will be picked at random on Friday 27th February 2009 (Australian time). Product keys are available separately from the Microsoft website.

PS: I have been and am currently still on holiday. Regular programming will resume Saturday 28th of February 2009. If you would like to see where I’ve been, have a look at my Flickr stream.

Update: The contest is now closed. The winners will be picked and contacted shortly.

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  1. Just curious,

    what build is this, the 7000 or the newly leaked 7022 (I think it was)?

    Great photos too, makes me want to try photography 😉

  2. This site is fantastic! I shall be a frequent visitor from now on. Among the many Windows sites that I’ve reviewed, this one is definitely in the top ten.

  3. i think windows7 will be better than vista with high performance in any version of Windows.

  4. I’m going to be getting a new PC once Windows 7 comes out but it would be fun to play with the Beta in the meantime. I want me a DVD por favor 🙂

  5. My laptop is Compaq Presario V6211U having AMD turion X2 64 and nvidia geforce go 6150 and 3GB RAM, after installing windows 7 64 bit my laptop is getting over heated.Plz tell me any solution apart from uninstalling windows 7.

  6. *mailed* Even us in the TechBeta didn’t get the option to receive DVDs of the beta. Heres Hoping!

  7. Freaky! Your holiday is repeating our honeymoon from 4 months ago!

    Isn’t that vertical tramway in the Blue Mountains something else! Oz is fantastic…..

  8. new version of Microsoft Windows better than than any previous version of windows even Windows Vista .I think there will be high quality graphics with new visual styles / Media Players / Media Center / Updates / high performance for all new softwares & games for new computer & notebooks. It will be the future operating system of Windows7 aganist Mac OS X & Linux.

  9. i use linux version ubuntu. i think there should be change in operating system. so after success of Windows Vista , Microsoft’s new versions of Windows named “Windows Seven” will be the best in performance / gaming / internets / stablity / user friendly and many new features.

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