MIX09 teasers from Angus Logan and yours truly

mix09This is what Vegas can do to you, it makes you stream a video demo of upcoming product announcements.

Angus Logan and James Senior of Live Mesh fame decided to do a little midnight tease of some web technology to be announced at Microsoft’s MIX 09 event starting tomorrow. Typical of a tease, it cuts off at probably the worst time. James, who was recording the stream blames it on Qik, but I call sabotage.

In related news, I also have a teaser for an announcement at MIX09 tomorrow. I can’t say much, but every web developer should keep an eye on MIX tomorrow. It’s not a Silverlight or Internet Explorer announcement, but its very cool and something most web developer today can and probably will use.

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  1. nothing but very blurred and extremely shaky video to see here. Hope you’re not expecting an “achieved” for that effort, Mr Senior 😉

  2. MIX08 was streamed last year, will it be streamed too this year? Where can I find the link?

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