Windows 7, now with extra street cred


Photo credit: Ross Harmes on Flickr

Obviously unicorns and bunnies would have never clicked with the hip-hop community which might explain why Microsoft has sprayed a derelict wall with two giant pieces street art spreading the cool that is Microsoft and Windows 7 in downtown San Francisco sometime last week.

From what I can put together with different accounts of this from several Flickr photographers, the presence of studio lighting equipment suggest this is a planned photo or film shoot for what should be the Windows 7 advertising campaign.

Although I’m generally not a big fan of street art and Microsoft is no stranger to being caught and fined for illegal corporate graffiti, I must admit the flaming Windows 7 logo is quite cool and I wouldn’t mind seeing that on a T-shirt perhaps. Hopefully they learned and got permission this time.

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  1. @EnricoG Fo’ shizzle

    I would also predict that someone would be bound to spray a giant penguin, snow leopard or BSOD over it

  2. desperate … I could feel bad for putting them down right now, for such ‘cheese’ …but win7 sucks so bad of noob junk design these graffiti wallz pretty much sum up the lameness in winshite7.

    yknow what is really stupid though.. they painted that shit on a white backdrop.. eergh *facepalm*

    someone should just over and do a bit of house painting over the top.. it will look much better all white šŸ˜› and do the rest of the wall aswel.. MS was obviously too cheap to cleanup the rest of the neighborhood!

  3. Seriously why don’t they do the neighbourhood some good and paint the rest of the wall white as well? Get rid of those god-awful brown drippings at the top.

    It looks tacky for them to paint there art and leave. But it is awesome work šŸ™‚

  4. From looking at all the Flickr photos, it certainly does look like they’re part of TV advertising campaign… and not, as some people have inferred above as “Microsoft just trying to be cool”.

  5. well, as long as they don’t put up any glowing windows logo (or mooninites) in Boston, everything should be ok.

  6. well being a graffiti writer since the early 90’s this is nuthin more then corporate cheese, and MS trying to target a specific audience, like most other “big name corporations” nike, adidas, 7up, mountaindew and a tun of other huge companies, have paid huge amounts of money to writers, for adverts here, there and everywhere.

    this is nuthin more then trying to capitalize on a culture they probably have zero knowledge about, only because its “trendy” when someone at microsoft gets a clue about who Taki183, Henry Chalfant and Martha Cooper are, only then would i not believe this is a pile of crap…


  7. Like the new “Kylie” ad, this has Crispin Porter + Bogusky written all over it and I love it. (Or rather, I love them.) They are so freaking weird and lovely. Hulu, Burger King, Microsoft: They definitely know how to grab your attention. Is it possible to be a fan boy for an ad agency?

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