Trippy Zune HD introduction video

Some lucky Zune HD owners in the land of the free and the home of the brave might remembering seeing this first time booting up their shiny new toy, but for the rest of us watching from the continental sidelines here is the cool and somewhat trippy minute-long “Welcome to the Zune HD” rite of passage into the “social”. Remember, you can look but don’t touch.

For the musically curious, the song is “Blackout” by The Whip who according to their MySpace profile is all too familiar with the Zune-ies.

21 insightful thoughts

  1. …and on the video. Wow. Pretty sweet.
    Now if only we can convince the Redmond powers-that-be to let us see it on the device here…

    >_> heyyy, i saw that 360 branded hot-air balloon. what’s that doin’ there? ๐Ÿ˜›

  2. I think the Xbox 360 brand logo is there because Zune and Xbox Live are linked now, aren’t they?

  3. xbox360 is there to more likely show the intergrationit has with xbox live with regards to renting a movie once and playing it either on the xbox, zune or desktop.

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