PDC09 Keynote Group Liveblog: mark your calendars


The event of Microsoft events, Professional Developers Conference is being held again next week in Los Angeles and you’re all invited to the virtual house of fun that is the keynote liveblog.

Following the overwhelming response and success of the last year’s (multi-site) group liveblog experiment, the cast and crew is signed up again for season two including Ed Bott, Mary Jo Foley, Kip Kniskern, Paul Thurrott, Rafael Rivera, Tom Warren and yours truly. In addition, we’re also taking aboard the feedback we heard from last year to make this even better.

The two keynotes we will be liveblogging are on Tuesday 17th of November and Wednesday 18th of November, both from 8.30am to 10.30am Pacific Standard Time. Please check back on this blog on the day to find the CoverItLive viewer.

Of course there is considerable doubt this year’s keynotes can match the caliber of last year’s announcements, but it is PDC after all and I don’t think Microsoft can afford to not impress.

Update: Outlook and other calendar application users can download a convenient ICAL schedule here.

Disclosure: I am attending PDC09 as a guest of Microsoft Australia.

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  1. During your trip will you also be paying a visit to the Microsoft Store? It’s only an hour away from downtown L.A. You can even take the train there!

  2. I still don’t get these events. If I was interested in the PDC keynote, why would I want to read about it from the mouths of bloggers rather than -watching the actual keynote-?

  3. Maybe if you’re the one blogging, sure. But all I usually get out of these things is “Scott just said X” and some occasional snarkiness. Maybe I’ll check in on this one after the keynote to see if I missed anything fun.

  4. But last year was about Windows 7. This year’s about Visual Studio 2010 and .NET 4.0. How many of you are developers, developers, developers?

  5. i believe it was PDC last year Ballmer was wearing those crazy red shoes? or was that MIX09?…lol i cant remember..either or good luck with the blogging everyone, i’ll be in St Lucia on a beach! 🙂

    if it is as good as last year, it will be sumthin worth watching for sure!!


  6. Long, in the interest of transparency and openness, will your posts from PDC include a disclosure that Microsoft sponsored your trip?

  7. @Pedant: I think most people know that already, but since you asked, I’ll make sure to add them to the posts from now on.

  8. Thanks for that, Long. I guess a lot of your readers would know that Microsoft pays for airfares, hotel and many meals for a lot of the PDC bloggers and attendees, just like they do for other tech media journalists from print and online. But all the same it’s important for the sake of transparency to make that known, in the same way that the better media declare this.

  9. @bernard: poor choice of words on my behalf, I wasn’t meaning to kick off any comparison between bloggers and conventional media (press etc).

  10. Looks like Channel 9 will broadcast the whole PDC live for the first time. Windows sessions are all on: Kernel changes, Windows Error Reporting, (Tuesday) Windows API Code Pack for .NET, Media Foundation & DirectX 11 (Wednesday), Windows Performance Toolkit and other DirectX sessions (Thursday)

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