Live from Microsoft PDC09: Keynote 2

It’s day two of the three day Microsoft Professional Developers Conference 2009 and keynoting today is Scott Guthrie, Kurt DelBene and Steven Sinofsky where the focus is said to be all things Silverlight, Internet Explorer, Windows and Office.

Join Ed Bott, Mary Jo Foley, Kip Kniskern, Paul Thurrott, Rafael Rivera, Tom Warren and I in our not-too-technical liveblog commentary below. You can also tune in the live video stream and recording after the event at the PDC website.

Disclosure: I am attending PDC09 as a guest of Microsoft Australia.

4 insightful thoughts

  1. This is the second liveblog in a row that consists of either half sentences that either describe exactly what is going on onscreen or aren’t describing anything at all, joking among livebloggers, and annoying jadedness and snark (yes, keep joking about it so that it ceases to become a criticism people can use), especially from Paul Thurrot and Rafael Rivera. Long and MJF were pretty much the only ones who put any sort of effort in. I can’t imagine how anyone can find this entertaining but the people who are doing the live blogging. It’s like going to a pub listening to a group of friends (who you don’t know) comment on a football game that’s going on. Rubbish.

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