PowerPoint 2010’s sample “Five Rules” presentation shows off powerful new graphics engine

If you’ve ever doubted if you were using the full potentials of PowerPoint, then watch this presentation I exported to video titled “Five Rules” included in Office PowerPoint 2010 (and the beta available today). Even if you’re already familiar with PowerPoint’s advanced animations features, it’s still quite impressive.

Designed by Duarte, a company who seems to specialize in corporate presentations (imagine making PowerPoints all day), this presentation not only provides some good insight on how to create a compelling presentation, but also showcases the powerful new DirectX-powered graphics engine in PowerPoint 2010 that’s behind the elegant animations with silky-smooth playback.

If you have PowerPoint 2010 handy, check out how the magic is created yourself by taking a look at the raw slides under “File > New > Sample templates > Five Rules”. While you’re there, open up some of the other sample presentations for some cool stuff too.

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  1. Worse then making PowerPoints all day is watching them. If Microsoft adds a video instructing people on how to avoid PowerPoint poisoning (caused by walls of text, eye burning text color schemes, annoying transitions, and presenters reading from the slides) then Office 2010 will be automatically better then previous versions.

    This video is a great guide to all that. But it is more impressive in that you can now avoid standing in front of a projector, and make a video you can play instead. Great stuff.

  2. @Pablo: The file is over 60MB. Check if “FiveRules.potx” exists under “Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Templates\1033”.

  3. It may be possible, but who wants to spend an entire day buidling such a complex PPT presentation? Might as well use a dedicated motion graphics app like After Effects or Flash and save yourself workflow time.

  4. Isn’t it a little bit late for this to show up in PP 2010? DirectX based should have been done in 2003. I guess better late than never. Btw if no one’s noticed, Windows Movie Maker in Vista and WLMM is also DirectX-based. And check out StandOut (http://www.erain.com/products/standout/) which lets you create WPF-based presentations! (It’s Windows PRESENTATION Foundation, right?)

  5. Long, I suggest you get a copy of “Beyond Bullet Points: Using Microsoft® Office PowerPoint® 2007 to Create Presentations That Inform, Motivate, and Inspire” by Cliff Atikinson http://j.mp/8r1uxm.

    I think you will find It interesting and useful in understanding how to create compelling presentations. It greatly augments the video. Atkinson’s advice is sound, researched and thoughtful. I have followed his teachings for many years. Consequently, people like my PowerPoint presentations. I rarely use text on the screen.

  6. I think it is just another tool. For me presentations are always better when I am excited about them. I have a hard time staying excited with the same old same old, so I am always looking for a little change.

  7. Firstly. Wow, can’t wait to fully utilize PowerPoint in the future. 😀

    Secondly, I actually learned a few things from that video. 🙂

  8. This is an amazing presentation. Unfortunately, PowerPoint can only take a presenter so far, this video gets at the heart of a giving great presentation. And it showcases some of the cool features PowerPoint 2010!

    MSFT Office Outreach Team

  9. As a person who makes PowerPoint presentations all day (some, thousands of slides long) I can’t be more excited to hit the ground running with these new capabilities.

  10. maybe MS should shift Office development to making Win8 less shit … like I don’t really think much of Office GUI/UX, some ok things some really retarded underdeveloped stuff (or maybe its highly developed noobshit), but the black theme was good enough, when comparing it the shit Aero GUI effort, I mean wow, its like miles ahead.

    does shift+ click on scrollbar, jump to cursor position.. etc etc etc MS I doubt most of the fixes and improvements! that would have mattered and made a good difference, got done, ooh outlook fully ribbonized meh, send/receive dialog, now with accuracy! etc

    p.s. is clippy back?
    helping global causes 😛 pfff

  11. Not sure about some of the harsh criticism in the comments. It seems that complaints about poor presentations should be directed to the presenter and not PowerPoint.

    I’m really diggin’ the changes in PowerPoint 2010. If you didn’t know that the Duarte demo was done in PowerPoint you’d think it was created with Flash. In addition, with the animation painter, once you build an animated sequence, it’s easy to replicate them. No more fiddling with each object.

    I also like the new graphics features. It really makes PowerPoint an easy tool to build your own illustrations. Here are some I’ve done in previous blog posts:


    Here’s a folder graphic I created in PowerPoint using just three shapes.

    Those were done in 2007. The new features and capabilities in PowerPoint 2010 are pretty slick and will only allow that much more. Can’t wait to play more with PowerPoint 2010.

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  13. teach me how to make like this one… i want to make this. i don’t know because i still in grade 1 in juniorhigh.. my teacher not yet teach me. i reay interets to this one..

  14. Any way to get this is an actual PPT file. I’d like to dissect how they did some of these animations.

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