Windows Update-like service coming to Windows Phone 7 Series

In a meeting today with Todd Brix, Senior Director for Windows Phone Product Management at Microsoft MIX10 he revealed that Microsoft will be delivering a Windows Update-like service for all Windows Phone 7 Series phones. As many Windows Mobile users would agree in saying, “about time”.

The update service in WP7S is designed to give users improvements to the operating system quickly and reliably. It will be prioritized first on delivering performance, stability and performance improvements and when appropriate, both in terms of new software trends and hardware capabilities, the update service will also be pushing out new features and additional functionality.

Microsoft will reveal what users should expect in terms of update schedules closer to retail availability but there will be a combination of both small and large updates as well as structured and out-of-band updates.

Coming from a mobile operating system which requires flashing the “ROM”, this is a big investment and improvement for Microsoft who seems to have all the right cards to the best hand in the mobile industry.

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  1. let’s hope this is not just a feature announcement that will never happen … ala Premium Content for Windows Vista.

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