Conceptual USGA golf scoring app by Microsoft shows Windows Phone 7 apps done right

With the developer momentum building behind Windows Phone 7, there’s a lot of work-in-progress applications flying around. Although many of them show a lot of potential, it’s easy to get distracted by the rough edges that is not representatives of the final polished experiences.

For those reasons now, this “USGA Shot Tracker” social golf scoring demo app built internally at Microsoft makes a great example of third-party WP7 applications we should expect (if not demand) from developers.

These screencaps comes from one of the dozen Windows Phone Design Day recordings posted today by Jaime Rodriguez which are an awesome resource for any WP7 developers, designers or enthusiasts. (The discoloration is due to the video compression)

There’s also a video recording of the app here. Doesn’t this make you want to play golf?

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  1. It’s a really beaultiful app. I wish 3rd party developers have the same care with their apps to enable consistent experiences to the users. I know I’ll do my best.

  2. Apart from the beautiful graphics interface, the screen flow is so Windows. In other words … stupid and nerdy.

  3. Wow, that looks sweet, I like the interface (when compared to some golf apps I use now)… but the hands down best part is screenshot for Willows Run Hole #1. “Eldrick: Out of Bounds.” Haha, just like real life these days.

  4. I wouldn’t be surprised if they took a few cues from Golfshot for the iPhone — a phenomenal golf tracking and GPS app that doesn’t emphasize the social aspect of the USGA app, but does everything else better. The same company recently release Golfscape, which is a pretty bad ass augmented reality golf app.

  5. A golf app for the W7 phone…bore. There are lots golf apps to copy for many different phones and “dedicated” GPS/scoring devices. Just more me too, like the OS.

  6. @BB: If you think the OS is just “me too” your clueless opinion is too worthless even for the internet.

  7. Looks like a great app. I think the Silverlight user interface is going to make some really interesting apps.

  8. Will it tell me if I am in a bunker – even if it is behind the ropes and filled with cheeseheads? oh yes – and when do I get my copy?

  9. @bonelyfish: troll else where dude, it looks strikingly similar to the same approach golfshot gps is using aka, the number one downloaded scorecard app on the planet. That said, this has some of the windows touches that make it different, I certianly wouldn’t say worse, android has nothing of this look and feel yet.

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