Intel takes an action movie to the Windows 7 desktop

Recently, Intel posted an extremely interesting ad for the second generation Core processors that shows off the power of multi-tasking in an exciting and fun way.

Using a combination of applications on the Windows 7 desktop, including (in sequence) Windows Media Player, Quicktime, Office 2010 Word, Excel, Internet Explorer 8, iTunes, Windows Live Messenger, Adobe Photoshop CS5, a custom game, Google Earth, Google Chrome and PowerPoint, the ad illustrates a short 2-minute action-packed story involving some bandits chasing a female agent.

Although some of the graphics and animations appear to be simulated, most of the sequences appear somewhat practical for the applications they are shown in. After all, a real OSX desktop and applications has been demonstrated to make a similar movie in the past.

9 insightful thoughts

  1. Awesome! Then I watched the OSX one (well, really only the first 10 seconds) just as a reference and now I’m ready to hang myself. Oh I know… I’ll watch the Intel one again! 🙂

  2. Very neat.

    Ever so slightly distracted by the strange Office 2010 title bars, missing glass transparency, lack of drop shadows, the use of WLM 2009 (not 2011) and missing ‘Favorites’ button in the first IE window.

    Enough nitpicking 🙂

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