Watch the Microsoft PDC that started it all

The Microsoft Professional Developers Conference family album is now online for public enjoyment. Noticed by Robert McLaws, Microsoft’s Channel9 evangelism team has just published an archive of all the PDC videos dating back all the way to the keynote from the first in 1992.

It’s easy to forget that only recently that streaming technology has made it possible for non-attendees to view keynotes live but of course, keynotes were not nearly as extravagant or hyped either. In fact in 1992 it’s just Bill Gates talking for a good 45 minutes (with distractingly large glasses). Having said that, there are still a few gems, like Steve Job’s appearance in 1996 and Jim Allchin’s infamous Longhorn demo of 2003.

Since many TV shows are wrapping up their seasons, this should last at least a few months, well until the “next Microsoft developers conference” in September which should be a treat.

7 insightful thoughts

  1. Interesting how hardware and software has evolved but those horrible designed slides still look almost the same now.

  2. 47:40 in, he is asked about Mac ads attacking Windows, interesting how Bill’s body language shows that he’s clearly bothered by it.

    1. Of course he is bothered. I think Microsoft shareholders would be unhappy too if the CEO was not bothered by one of the rivals attacking their products.

      1. Of course Microsoft shareholders would be unhappy. I think rivals would be bothered if the Microsoft shareholders were not unhappy.

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