Bill Gates interviews in Australia

I’m both glad and worries Bill Gates still has some time to do interviews while he’s on Christmas holiday in Australia, but the weather in Sydney where he’s staying hasn’t been very Summer-like so I guess he’s just passing time.

In contrast to the Fairfax interview where he was asked whether he would return to Microsoft, here’s a 12-minute video of one he did with ABC’s 7.30 where he focused entirely on his philanthropic work, health issues, energy, carbon pricing (where Australia recently introduced law for this) and even global protests.

6 insightful thoughts

  1. Doubt they paid him, as its talk about his foundation.

    I would suspect he would be choosing the questions and hence why he agreed to do it.

  2. I could sure use a christmas holiday in Australia, beats slipping on the ice whilst trying to run to the bus stop before the bus is missed! 😛

    I would have paid Bill Gates a lot of money for the interview for a very good reason.

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