“Hunt for Office”: Microsoft Australia’s NFC-enabled Office 365 digital ad screens

Aussies Windows Phone 8 users, get out your NFC-enabled phones and start running towards a major city shopping center. Microsoft Australia has “hidden” free copies of its new Office 365 Home Premium subscription for you to find – valued at $119. And all you need to win is tap on the ad.

The “Hunt for Office” campaign which started last week has 34 digital advertising screens located in major shopping centers across Australia. Their exact location within each facility is not disclosed so participants will have to hunt the ad on their own.

Once the ad has been located, the first five people of each day over the two-week campaign who either tap the NFC tag or scan the QR code and complete the registration form will instantly win an Office 365 subscription sent to their email.


Credit where credit is due, Samsung USA was the first to use NFC on its advertising posters late last year to give way free music to its Galaxy S3 mobile users. Now, Microsoft Australia has raised the bar of the prize to something more valuable than just an MP3.

As NFC adoption grows in most new smartphones, I’m sure people tapping ads won’t be an uncommon sight in the near future.

Joe Walkden, Marketing Communications Manager at Microsoft Australia says

We’re really happy with the level of engagement on the competition so far. We’re promoting the competition on radio and via our social channels as well, so people should definitely stay tuned to @MSAU on Twitter for the latest updates and get in quick – the competition ends soon!

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  1. There’s one at Melbourne Central, up on Level 2 near the food courts, just as you come off the escalators.

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