BUILD 2013: What handing out 6,000+ Surface Pros look like

Last night at the Moscone Center, many of the 6,000 attendees of Microsoft BUILD 2013 lined up to collect their freebies: a 128GB Surface Pro, Surface Type Cover, a 64GB Acer Iconia W3 and an Acer Bluetooth keyboard dock.

Even though the queue spanned the entire length of the conference hallways, huge props to the logistics team who handled the process extremely well with most attendees collecting the goods within hours.






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  1. Jealousy overcome, I can’t help but feel disgusted with such exorbitance, showcased by other organisers at Moscone just the same.

  2. That’s a neat idea on the Acer tablet packaging, showing the scale of the device next to other objects. 🙂

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