Windows Vista

Click to enlargeIts official. Windows Codenamed “Longhorn” is officially going to be retailed as “Windows Vista”. Its coming in 2006 and it will focus on confidence, clarity and connectivity.

I’ve made a small comparison picture on the left that compares the new Windows graphics with the current XP edition version. The new spotlight graphics is fresher and smoother. Also, the shape is noticeably wider.

Beta 1 is reported to be available by 3rd of Auguest 2005, a few days later than the previous reported Beta 1 dates.

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  1. I am very disappoint with the ATI. I have been using and providing customers with your product for many years. I have many clients including myself who would like to switch to vista put can not to so because of the capture drivers not being availible this is a major issue and needs to be addresed or ATI and AMD will take a huge hit for it.

    Please help!!

  2. hi…
    i have an Acer aspire5720z laptop with windows vista ultimate preinstalled, now i want to install the XP but it doesn’t work and i don’t know why….i tried to reboot from my XP dvd….every thing is fine but then i got an info said that i don’t have any hard drive so the XP can be installed.
    Then i tried from the Vista, i inserted the dvd and run the autorun but also i could not install the XP.
    I don’t know why….but please can u help me??…

    thanx for your help.

  3. @ Maath. A better idea is to post in the latest post on his blog. More people will see this comment.

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