Tablet PC retailer in Australia

I’ve spent a long time researching about Tablet PCs and especially purchasing them in Australia. With the lack of any major computer hardware retailer that is on par with America’s Newegg or Best Buy etc, finding cheap and trustworthy Tablet PC specialist retailers is almost impossible.

However, after a little digging around the blogging world, I’ve stumbled across Australian Tablet PC enthusiast Hugo Ortega, who runs TegaTech, an Australian Tablet PC specialist retailer.

Even though at the time of writing, he doesn’t sell any branded Tablets such as from Acer, HP or Toshiba, I contacted him and he is looking to expand to retailing Toshiba tablets as well. I gave him a few things I was after and he gave me a very competitive quote.

If you’re thinking about purchasing Tablet PCs in Australia, give TegaTech an email first.

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