Poor Tablet experience at Harvey Norman

Harvey Norman

I contacted Harvey Norman Chadstone to find out whether they retail Tablet PCs or not, because their cruddy website offers little or no catalogue of the products they sell. To my surprise, they told me they did sell Tablets and are available in-store for demo.

When I got there, there was only one Tablet, and it was the Toshiba Satellite R10, which isn’t the best machine to show off a tablet. To even further dissatisfy the experience, the battery and stylus pen were removed from the laptop. With the battery removed, you really couldn’t demo the true weight of the machine, and without the pen, there isn’t really much to play with.

After confronting a salesperson, they said the pen wasn’t available and I won’t be able to get one to demo the Tablet. Soon after he realised the stupidity of that, and began searching for the pen. After he found it, he said ‘it better be worth my time’ since he cut himself in the process. The tablet was poorly calibrated and it was worse than trying to write with an inkless ballpoint pen.

Then I began asking whether they were going to have any other Tablets and specifically the Toshiba Portege M400. They got back to me, and said they weren’t going to stock them, and if they were to get one just for me, it would cost even higher than the Toshiba recommended retail price, which is ridiculous.

So in summary, if you’re thinking about buying a Tablet, don’t go to Harvey Norman for it. In fact, don’t even go to Harvey Norman if you want to try a Tablet, because it might cause injuries to a salesperson and bring a dissatisfying experience.

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  1. doesent sound like they were too helpfull, though it would probably been helpfull to check out some websites and watch some videos beforehand of the tablet you are interested in.. most people recomment wacom ones. on the plus side the fool cut himself.

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