WMP11 Teaser Wallpaper

Sean Alexander, a Senior Program Manager (presumably eHomes division) at Microsoft released today a cool wallpaper featuring Windows Media Player 11.

About a month or so ago, cool new posters for Windows Media Player 11 started showing up around Microsoft’s Redmond campus in buildings. I thought it might make a good desktop wallpaper so I’ve converted it into a number of popular screen resolutions and aspect ratios.

What is interesting to note here is the appealing use of black, which seems to be a trait of Windows Vista. Also, I presume the icons are to represent the same interface found in WMP 11, what I noticed was subtle differences in the interface we have seen publically, and the interface shown.

  • The left and right seek arrows are double-arrowed, whilst the wallpapers shows single arrows
  • The left and right arrow buttons are much slimmer
  • The orb is has an inner glow in the public, the wallpaper shows glossy highlights

This goes to show that most interfaces are still being redesigned and touched up. I look forward to the final UI design for WMP11.

This design makes a great wallpaper. It’s dark coloured, features large blank areas, minimalistic and ‘fresh’. Although I would have to preferred it to be a little less branded, and therefore capture much more attention by onlookers.