Demoing @ Student Day (Tech.Ed) 2006

I’m more than honored to be invited by Bernard Oh to go to Microsoft’s TechEd Australia 2006 conference this year and help Frank Arrigo showcase Windows Vista Office 2007 to a group of ~800 university students on Tech.Ed Student Day.

This is going to be an extraordinary experience as I’ll be meeting some of the Microsoft Student Ambassadors around the country, having a look around TechEd and screencasting live to an audience the size I’ve never stood infront of. It would also be a great opportunity to meet some of the Australian technology bloggers and evangelists that I’ve come across in my short blogging career.

You can catch me play with Windows Vista Office 2007 on August 22nd, TechEd student day, as well as throughout the TechEd conference from the 23rd to 25th in the Sydney Convention Centre.

Update: I’ve been told I’m actually demoing Office 2007, not Windows Vista.

If you’re in Sydney and would like to attend Tech.Ed Student Day, register for your free ticket at the official Tech.Ed registration page.

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  1. Man what a great gig! I presented a few Office 2007 demos whilst I was at Microsoft… finished up my internship (in Brisbane) last Friday 🙁

    If you want any tips and tricks (and which features get the biggest ooooooohhh) shoot me an email!

    For now, here are some of my blog posts with resources from my recent O2007 presentations:


    Paul W

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