One soundtrack, two movies.

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This is the first time I’ve come across an originally composed soundtrack originally made for one movie, being used again for another movie with a different director, producer, sound department and production company.

“My Name is Lincoln” by Steve Jablonsky from The Island soundtrack is one of the best soundtrack scores I’ve ever heard. I was surprised today when I heard it again on the Flyboys trailer.

Often songs used in blockbuster movies does not get reused for another movie in such short periods of time, especially originally composed soundtracks. Nevertheless even if the title is totally irrelevant to the Flyboys movie, it is a great piece of soundtrack that fits the mood of Flyboys quite well. I certainly do hope it makes it into the final music score!

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  1. It’s not an uncommon practice; many times in the past soundtracks from older movies have been used for other trailers –probably because of their yet-to-complete score. Usually the tracks of such trailers aren’t used in the final version of the movie. Some simple examples are the score used in the trailers of X-Files: Fight the Future which was taken from the soundtrack of Romeo Juliet (by Nellee Hooper) and the music used in the trailer of the first X-Men movie, which was taken from the score of the X-Files movie (by Mark Snow).

    PS The music of the Island is infact very inspiring…

  2. um, hu? whats sp special about using some famous score for a trailer?
    thats what happens with almost every movie trailer… wtf

  3. @Name: Movies usually use their own scores in trailers and other promotional material. Movies are almost ‘competing’ products in the entertainment industry, and I don’t see a lot of competitors taking content from other competitors.

  4. Huh? A movie’s score is hardly ever used in its trailers. It’s far more common to use music from some other source.

  5. @Trisha: Yeah I’ve heard a lot of pop music in trailers, but not a lot of music from another movie.

  6. Dear Long Zheng, I am somewhat confused by your reference to “The Island”. The score for “Flyboys” was composed by Trevor Rabin, please check IMDB credits, to the best of my knowledge, his score is being used in the trailer. I am one of the executive produccers of the film.
    Phillip Goldfarb

  7. @Phillip Goldfarb: From 1:26min in the trailer, the music playing in the background is “My name is Lincoln” which is one of the soundtracks to the “The Island” movie by Steve Jablonsky.

  8. I have something none of you have well at least to my knowledge. The actually song. At this every moment I’m sitting listening to great songs by great composer and artist. ” Now We Are Free” by Lisa Gerrard and ” My Name is Lincoln ” by Steve Jablonsky. Every song I ever heard I have. Didn’t take much either found ” My Name is Lincoln ” in ten min.

  9. A song composed for love actually was used in promotional material for the aviator.

    Whether it’s common or not is hard to say, but the increase in quality of compositions movies means it’s easier to recognise songs. When incidental music was boring you wouldn’t remember it, but they were also less likely to reuse it.

    My name is Lincoln is an awesome piece of music.


  10. How and where could my nephew submit his music for background movies, etc.
    He lives in Brighton. He does not know that I am doing this.

    Many thanks.

  11. Hi there,

    “My name is Lincoln” is a truly marvellous piece of creation. I would like to know what sort of genre this songs are under. Care to give me a reply on this?


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