Missed opportunity

Have a look at the following pictures, see if you notice anything special. They get closer sequentially.


That’s right. It was small wasn’t it. And in-case you missed it, it was this small icon icon_has_comment.gif. Sneaky little bugger.

So what’s so special about it? Well in this case, a certain amount of money. Because some creative agency decided to contact me through Flickr’s fantastic photoset comments, I was totally unaware of their attempts. Mind you, that was four months ago. Only today, did I notice a small, ambiguous and uncolored icon in one of my photosets. First I thought it was something embedded in my photo, but when I hovered over it, I discovered the wonderful (but hidden) worlds of photoset comments.

I received no email notifications through either FlickrMail or my subscribed email account. Because Flickr likes to send me bundles of emails when someone adds me to their friends list, but not when I have a potential monetary reward.

Nevertheless, I gave the design agency a call this evening and asked to speak to Sam Morel. Just out of curiosity’s sake to inquire about which photo he was interested in. The receptionist took my message and forwarded it on. I hope to speak to Sam soon.

Update: I haven’t heard from Sam in a week. I guess he is no longer interested.

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