Senator Ted (Tubes) Stevens uses Word 2007

If he knew how to use a computer that is. We all love Senator Ted Stevens, especially his views on net neutrality.

Just a heads up. You may see in the screencast that sometimes I would be clicking ‘invisible’ objects on the screen. This is caused by the screen recorder not picking up the drop-down menus in Office 2007. This is only an issue with XP’s rendering engine combined with Camtasia the screen recorder.

Recreating a series of tubes
Click image to view video (Quicktime H.264 2:05min)

Warning: I am sending an enormous amounts of material, enormous amounts of material. I am not responsible for whatever happens to your own personal internet.

In addition: If you want a proper overview/screencast of Microsoft Office Word 2007, have a look at this video I did in June. Oldie but goodie.

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  1. My staff the other day tried to send me some internet…

    I still get cracked up with every reference to this on The Daily Show.

  2. Did you try the “Capture layered windows” option in Camtasia? It’s on the Capture tab of the recorder’s options dialog.

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