Win-win situation

I’ve received 67 71 81 entries to the Camtasia Studio prize draw in just 24 hours since the competition was announced. 109 entries so far! It’s been a fantastic response.

I’ve already extended the offer from 1 copy to 2 copies of Camtasia Studio to accomodate to the overwhelming demand. I’d like to thank the very generous Betsy from TechSmith in cooperation to host this competition.

Some of the ‘one-word-essay’ entries I’ve received so far are hilarious. Some people found ways to avoid the one-word ‘rule’, and others simply ignored the ‘rule’ all together. Regardless, it’s all good fun. Maybe I’ll even post a compliation of all the fun entries I would have received one the competition has closed.

I know everyone is a little skeptical about sharing good things, because good things never last. But please do share the link around. The more entries I receive, the more prizes I may be able to give away. There’s nothing to lose and absolutely everything to gain.

Tell you mum. Tell your grandpa. Tell your dog. Tell your doll. Tell everyone!