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Camtasia Studio
It’s been four weeks since I announced the Camtasia Studio giveaway exactly 28 days ago. During those four weeks I’ve experienced happiness, sadness, surprise, flying, presenting, chatting, volunteering, assignments catchup, laughter and suspense. That enough talking about me, since I’m not even eligible to win.

The official number of entries stood at 228 at the time of entry drawing. The unofficial number of entires stood at 230, because I was testing the system, honest. But it’s closed now. So to the 5 of you seconds away from submitting your entry, bad luck. Life’s tough, live with it. On a happier note, I’m now giving away 5, five (three more than two) licenses due to the unforeseen response.

Before I announce the list of winners. I have a sudden urge to give the guys at TechSmith one last complimentary plug. The following people have won a copy of Camtasia Studio, the award-winning screen recording / screencasting software that’s so easy to use, even I can use it!

So without further bullcrap, here is the list of people who you can suck up to to get your own copy of Camtasia Studio:

  • Mark I. Clemons
  • Nathanial Woolls
  • Debra Lucas
  • Shawn Christopher
  • Marco Arciglio

To all the winners: you will be contacted by email in the next 24 hours to confirm your name. This is to prevent people with multiple personalities from winning. You must respond within 72-hours to confirm your entry.

To everyone else: stop crying. Hopefully there will be more giveaways on my blog in the near future.

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