eGames & Entertainment Expo: Take 2

A company can accept harsh criticism, redesign their website to pretty high standards, categorise bloggers as ‘press’, use blogging as an official communication medium, and offer me a press pass. I’m impressed.

eGames & Entertainment Expo

I was a skeptic of how well-planned and professional the eGames & Entertainment Expo was going to be, but now I’m certain this is going to be an exciting event for Melbourne. It probably won’t match the scale of E3, purely because we’re located in a country only reachable by a double-digit hours plane trip, and even recognised by some Americans as Iraq. Melbourne has never hosted any recognisable technology and entertainment event, so what a great way to start it off than with something like this.

I presume the Playstation 3 and the Wii will make an appearance too. Can’t wait to play with the latter. The expo is on from 17-19 of November, tickets are $16 or $22 for a 2-day pass.

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