All 756 icons in Office 2007

Thanks to a neat trick posted by Jensen Harris and Savraj Dhanjal, I was easily able to create this panorama of 756 new toolbar icons in Office 2007 Beta 2 Technical Refresh.

Office 2007 B2TR icons panorama
Click image for larger view

When you can witness the sheer scale of such design projects like redefining each icon in the Office system and even the monolithic Windows operating system, you can come to understand better why Microsoft just can’t make guarantees about each icon being updated to the new style. But on a brighter note, good job to the Office team. They’ve done extremely well in terms of UI consistency in the primary applications: Word, Excel and Powerpoint.

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  1. @Tom Winter: Yep. If you follow the steps on Jensen’s blog. There will be several galleries of all the 16×16 icons in Office 2007. I don’t know you would extract them, I purely screenshotted these.

  2. I’m missing the Line Chart icon in your icon gallery.

    With the GetImageMso method it should be possible to get every icon.

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