Vista Aurora wallpapers

Aurora desktop wallpaper 1Aurora desktop wallpaper 2Aurora desktop wallpaper 3Aurora desktop wallpaper 4Aurora desktop wallpaper 5

Here are 5 Windows Vista Aurora wallpapers that I’ve found and removed the Windows Vista branding from, because no one likes advertising on their desktop. They’re a bit cleaner than the conventional Aurora screenshots, so they make good wallpapers. All sized at 1280×960, and should stretch to any size comfortably.

10 insightful thoughts

  1. Nice work…

    interestingly enough none of these make good backgrounds if you work a lot with graphics. there is nothing like a neutral gray flat colour for your background.

    doesn’t look fancy but certainly allows you to work with colours without distortion. I am still amazed that neither Windows XP nor Vista doesn’t offer a neutral gray theme. I think Microsoft could have won over a lot of designer.

    At the moment I find myself jumping between Windows XP and OSX back and forth because a lot of colour and image manipulation features are simply not available in the Windows XP platform…

    The colour panels which come as part of the Windows XP platform for example are a joke when compared to OSX. I hope Windows Vista will bring improvements in this regard.

  2. Wow! Vista has every thing more than real!!!!!
    I love Windows Vista Ultimate becz of that…….

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